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Evidence: Online tutoring is effective!

A visit to your doctor meant a visit to the hospital or a clinic. But not any more – at least in Hawaii!  Starting this January Americal Well along with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii allow patients to visit their doctors online.  Instead of waiting for an appointment or driving a long distance to a doctor’s office patients can go online to chat with a doctor! Read more about it in this NYT article.

Dr Roy Schoenberg, American Well’s co-founder says that “national studies on online care have found that patients would like to have Web chats with primary care doctors about colds or diabetes management, for example, or with specialists about symptoms such as lower back pain or bad headaches.”

If medical care can be delivered online, tutoring can just as effectively be done online.  Ofcourse, we are not taking their word for this 🙂  We have been testing this service for the last one year and have great feedback from our students.

Why experiment with multiple tutors to find a good quality tutor in MBA level finance? (Or for that matter in MBA level statistics, acconting, operations research or financial modeling or operations research). Or why travel to meet a high quality Graduate level/MBA tutor?
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Hawaii is ideally suited for online activity given the travel hassels across islands.  However it is not just the seas that cause incovenience – high levels of traffic, tolls, availability of specialist, scheduling or sheer distances between places cause customers inconveniences.  These inconveniences are significantly reduced or eliminated by online tutoring.

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