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Improving learning: Especially Online Learning

GraduateTutor’s mission is simply to ‘Make Learning Easier”.  Currently we do this by provide private tutoring which is one one one to students around the country and other parts of the world. As online learning has exploded, there has been a lot of debate about the quality of learning provided by the hundreds of online universities, online learning institutes, services, websites and programs. It currently is far from perfect but it is something that will keep getting better. Robert Connor has written about parts of this debate in a recent article in the Chronicle. We are glad that there is more discussion on this topic and investments being made.

While there is still no clarity or agreement on the best way forward, we are very sure that we tremendously increase the quality of learning online with private tutoring. Its definitely very valuable and effective. It however, is not very scalable  like most things done one-on-one. The question is should something like this be scalable!? Can it exist over the long term without being scalable?