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Executive MBA vs. Full time MBAs : Tuition

The economist has an interesting article on the cost difference between Executive MBA programs and the Full time MBAs programs titled “A costly lesson“.

The article provides example of the price difference at Boise University. The price difference is huge and possibly reflects other executive MBA programs! The articles indicates that some of this difference can be justified by the higher expectations and demands of the senior executives. We can attest for that. We tutor MBA students both full time students and executive students at www.graduatetutor.com and can tell you that the executive students really expect more. They really want to understand their subject at a deeper level be it accounting or finance or statistics. Their focus is really how it applies to their work environment.

Fortunately, GraduateTutor.com is geared to handle the higher expectations of executive MBAs. Our private tutoring programs are geared towards assisting students learn and master their subjects be it  accounting or finance or statistics or any other courses we offer tutoring in.

Beyond the higher expectations of executive MBAs, in our opinion, the additional price is being paid for the brand value and networking potential ” it’s not what you know but who you know“.