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Data, Models, and Decisions (MIT 15.060)

As an attempt to make learning easier and enjoyable, Graduate Tutor had decided to include Open Courseware (OCW) programs into its wide range of topics for homework help and tutoring!

In the recent past Graduate Tutor had included topics from Sloan School of Business into its array of topics for tutoring and homework help. Today, with great excitement, we formally announce the inclusion of Sloan School of Business’ ‘Data, Models, and Decisions-15.060 (Fall 2007)’, into our tutoring support list.

MIT’s Open courseware is a major contribution to people who wish to learn and enhance their knowledge. Our Statistics Tutor group wants to add their bit by making learning statistics and enjoyable process! All of us at GraduateTutor congratulate and thank the Statistics Tutor Group in this effort.

Graduate Tutor’s expert tutors consist of MBA, CPAs or CFAs with remarkable tutoring skills in accounting and finance as seen in business schools. Currently our statistics tutors cater to students from a number of top business schools and we are confident with their capability to tutor MIT’s open courseware (OCW).

‘Data, Models, and Decisions-15.060 (Fall 2007)’ is just one of the many topics that we plan to provide tutoring in. We hope to widen our spectrum and provide tutoring support to more programs included in MIT’s open courseware.

Enjoy learning!