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Our Education System!

Our Education System


I found this cartoon on facebook! I cant give credit to its creator because I dont know who he/she is! (Please email if you have any leads)

This cartoon has a lot for us to think about.  Yes, our education system is not perfect or far from perfect! But it is still the best in the world!

Do not let our education system hold you back. Be brave and take your own path. 

Look at the backgrounds of the top leaders in the world or any list of 10 people you admire and you will see that a few of them came from ‘non-standard’ paths! Examine the lives of Obama, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mother Teressa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela,  Abraham Lincoln, Napolean, Winston Churchill, etc or any other list and you will find that they did not follow the ‘standard’ path.

So be brave and take your own path. Do not let our education system or any system hold you back!