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Tutoring in 2009 – ‘Make Learning Easier’

Below is our annual letter to students.  We thought many of you may find it interesting to know where we as an organization are and what we plan for 2009.

Email follows :

Happy New Year!


First, I am writing on behalf of all of us at GraduateTutor.com to wish you a great year ahead! May the hard work you put into your studies result in academic success and great personal and professional opportunities in 2009! 


Second, we are glad that you chose to get high quality online tutoring and that we had the opportunity to work with you in 2008.  We want to thank you for choosing to work with GraduateTutor.com. 


Finally, I want to give you a brief update on where we are as an organization and what we plan to work on this coming year. 


We are a year old and are very pleased with the feedback you have provided. While we grow, our continuing focus will remain on Making Learning Easier by providing high quality specialized tutoring services. 


The following are our immediate priorities. 


  • New subjects: We will be adding new subjects.  Advanced finance topics, data analysis tools, decision making, corporate finance case studies and CPA & CFA topics are high on our priority list. 
  • New faculty: We are looking to recruit and train additional faculty this year.  Most of our faculty are MBAs or CPAs and often teach at various universities/business programs.
  • MBA/Campus representatives: We want to expand the number of MBA/Campus representatives in various MBA programs and/or geographic territories. Our representatives are paid commissions and find this opportunity an excellent way to earn a little income on the side. If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested please do let us know.
  • Student Support Center: We are working on developing an offshore support center to eventually provide round the clock service.  We will begin a test initiative this year and expand after evaluating the results.


Do share your feedback with us.  We appreciate your thoughts and hope to make this a more valuable service.


Happy New Year again! We wish you plenty of success this coming year and look forward to working with you.






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  • Alison Russell October 9, 2011, 10:29 pm


    I am interested in receiving tutoring in Managerial Economics–specifically with charting formulas in Excel. I have a basic understanding of Excel and slightly less understanding of Advanced Algebra although I did well in this area previously. Since it has been about 10 years since my undergrad, I am needing some general refreshing in this area. My question is, can you provide telephone support with a tutor while I look at their PC Screen or is a microphone mandatory? I ask because I am not currently equipped with one and would need to purchase before acquiring your services. Thank-You.