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Cheating Goes Global as Essay Mills Multiply

Thomas Bartlett has reported on how students are cheating with the assistance of online services in the latest issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Great work Thomas!

We at GraduateTutor.com are often approached to do papers and want to once again reaffirm our commitment to adhere to our ethical standards.  GraduateTutor.com adheres to generally accepted University honor codes and expects all students it serves to do so.

Students truly suffer the most from this dishonest practice as they have lost the opportunity to learn what the assignment / task had intended for them to learn!  Read more about what GraduateTutor.com will not do and why here.

What these services do is give the tutoring industry a bad name!  There must be services such as ours that abide by honor codes and established ethical policies.  We hope that these articles will in some way cover or mention the ethical companies too.