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Do study sites make the Grade?

WSJ.com today has an article titled “Do study sites make the Grade?”. It mentions a few services that provides homework & exam solutions, past papers, etc. to students.

Running these services may be (not sure!) completely within the law. However, is aiding those who do not abide by the honor codes, morally right/legal?

At GraduateTutor, our policy is very clear. We will not help students cheat by doing their homework or writing exams or papers. We will tutor students on the concepts they need in order to do their homework and do well in their exams. We believe that we would be robbing or stealing students’ learning experience if we were to help them cheat.

Students try to work around our guidelines in a variety of ways. Our tutors have express instructions to refuse students trying to cheat. See a recent email exchange with a student.

Dear (Name withheld),

This looks like an exam! We are not a homework solutions provider and do not do exams for students. What we do is teach students the concepts so that they can do their homework themselves. Our rates are $50/hour.

In other words, we will be happy to teach you what you need to solve this problem but cannot mail you this problem. If it takes only 30 minutes, it will cost you only $25, if it takes an hour $50 and so on.

Do let us know if this is what you are looking for.


GT team

It is more diffcult as a business owner when it means you have to contend with lower profits and revenues. Fine arguments will not change facts. Each individual/company has to clarify what values they wish to live with.

We hope to counter the loss of revenue from assisting students cheat by working with universities directly to provide their students tutoring services.