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Data analysis: Evidence of ‘Statistics is everywhere’!

Data analysis is everywhere. In-fact, our Statistics Tutor Group’s moto is really ‘Statistics is everywhere’!  Here is more evidence (pun intended ;)

This excellent piece by Ed Young in the Discover Magazine blog shows how statistics can be applied everywhere!  Ed uses statistics to show that even judges with all their intellectual powers and years of training and testing, are subject to the limitations of a human mind. Read the full article but for MBA statistics students these two graphs will be encouraging.

Presenting evidence with data analysis

Presenting evidence with data analysis and statistics

As our statistics tutors will emphasis, please understand the statistical methodology and the data source and circumstances to get the full picture.

Data analysis - Statistical Tutoring evidence

Using data analysis and statistics

Our statistics tutoring group provides MBA and other graduate level students with private tutoring in data analysis. As a statistics tutoring team we celebrate and cheer on writers and thinkers like Ed Young who apply statistics in everyday settings.

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