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Buy An Internship? Is this fair?

The current economic situation is causing new developments.  This WSJ article talks about students & parents buying internships and raises a good question: Does this give wealthy students an unfair advantage?  Yes it does!

We extend that question and ask:  Is this fair? Who is responsible to maintain fairness here?  Clearly this is not fair to those deserving students who can’t afford to pay for an internship!

Students need all the help they can get and we at Graduatetutor.com try as hard as possible to provide help by making learning easier.  Our service is expensive because we provide high quality tutoring.  We require  qualified/experienced people to teach advanced business topics in finance, accounting and statistics and these people are expensive. Our cost does not allow everybody who could benefit from our service to access it.  Those who can afford it (the wealthy) use it and benefit immensely.   The wealthy are clearly at an advantage!

Who is responsible for maintaining fairness and equality? We try to reduce costs and make tutoring more affordable.  We stay online, buy used text books, minimize overheads and more to reduce operational costs. Our tutors however have rents/mortgages to pay, children to send to school and costs to pay!

We believe it is the universities responsibility to maintain fairness.  We belive that universities must do its best to provide its students with interships? We are working with select universities to provide tutoring support for the deserving students.  Universities identify needy students (academic & financial) to sponsor a few hours of tutoring.  This way if a student really needs the tutoring support and can’t financially afford it, he/she can avail it through the university.

College students need all the help they can get. Do let us know if you can get more universities into our program to make tutoring more affordable for more deserving students.