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MBAs & the Economics of Cows

We truly believe that MBA programs (good ones) are worth every dollar you spend on them and are easily one of the best masters’ programs out there (for most people).  One of the reasons is that an MBA program is very versatile.  If you list out all the sectors or functions that students join after their MBA, you will  probably list out everything under the sun.  An MBA adds value in almost all industries, sectors and roles.

Here is additional evidence why we believe that an MBA is a versatile program. An Economist article on the economics of cows mentions  that Dr Galligan, got an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania after originally studying veterinary sciences. He is now teaching veterinary economics. He has also spent time helping Amish farmers in the past! How much more interesting can life get!?

Here is the kicker! Whichever industry or function you are in one of our MBA tutors can tutor you on a subject that is of interest to you!  The range of concepts we tutor students in is so wide that between our pool of MBA tutors (finance tutors, economics tutors, statistics tutors, accounting tutors and financial modeling tutor) we will have something that is of interest to you! It may be understanding the economics of a cow, calculating the net present value of an asset, figuring out the return on investment of a new project, building a business plan or a financial model for a business plan, or figuring out the marketing strategy for a new market but one of our MBA tutors can help you learn something interesting. Challenge us on this. Give us a call.