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OpenCourseWare (OCW) Tutoring Support

We have always been a supporter of open education and open courseware.  GraduateTutor is glad to now announce that we will formally begin offering tutoring services to MBA/business open courseware programs as well.  Students learning on their own might find that they are stuck on a specific point or need help with a specific topic.  Since open courseware students often do not have access to the faculty of these universities and associate resources, they can access GraduateTutor’s expert faculty for assistance. 


While MIT’s Open courseware and Open Yale Courses are the most famous there are a lot of other universities that participate in the Open course ware movement.  The following is sample list of participating universities in the US.

We congratulate the above universities for making available their valuable knowledge and resources to students worldwide.  We have also reached out to the Open Courseware Consortium to see how we can do our bit to spread open education.

PS:  Note that we do not have the resources to support the wide range of subjects the above universities offer, we will start with accounting homework and tutoring, finance homework and tutoring, economics homework and tutoring and statistics homework and tutoring before expanding onto other topics.