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Interview preparation for MBA students

MBA tutoring is our primary focus.  We however provide our MBA students a variety of other services in addition to MBA tutoring including interview preparation assistance and specialized niches such as case interview practice sessions with industry professionals.

Yesterday’s NYT has an interesting article on alumni turning back to their college career centers for help on a variety of services from counseling, resume editing, job search assistance, etc. You can read more about the story here.

The article mentions that some of these colleges provide this service free of cost while some charge for this service. I want to reiterate that we do provide similar services such as interview practice to our MBA students. Practicing for interviews is critical especially if you are interviewing for niche careers such as consulting or investment banking where they use specialized interview techniques. Case interviews are a good example. (Read what is a consulting case interview here) Practicing for case interviews and preparing for case interviews significantly increases your odds for success.

We however charge for this service as we are not subsidized by any organization or government and hence have bills to pay. Our career services are quite pricy we admit…But we do get you assistance from industry insiders (usually from your industry of interest) and not from career officers who have been career officers their entire careers!  We believe getting someone from your industry is worth the price difference.

Do let us know if we can get you some professional help.