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American universities

Schumpeter, at The Economist, has an interesting article on the state of American universities titled “Declining by degree“. He acknowledges that American universities are admired worldwide for a number of reasons including the number of Nobel laureates employed, quantity of citations in academic papers, etc. He however draws comparison with the US auto majors who were once admired and then fell down badly and asks if that could happen to American universities. PMBA tutors please take note

Schumpeter draws from both right and left wing authors on what could be ailing the universities and cites three areas of concern: rising prices, declining productivity and administrative bloat.

Rising prices is one that we all see and can feel. Declining productivity and administrative bloat are not obvious to us but are of concern. If we are to stay in the forefront of education, we must watch out and not get complacent.

PMBA tutors please take note.