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Financial Management-15.414 (MIT-OCW-Summer 2003)

GraduateTutor will now provide tutoring for MIT’s Open Course Ware (OCW) program – Financial Management-15.414. Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Managerial Decisions, Financial Assets, Financial Derivatives etc are few common titles that one come across very often in B Schools and for that matter in a corporate world. MIT’s Open Courseware via Sloan School of Business titled ‘Financial Management-15.414 (Summer 2003)’ includes all of the above!

MIT’s Open Courseware (OCW) via Sloan School of business is a generous innovation in the field of education. Graduate Tutor has been working towards its vision; to make learning easier than ever before by rendering homework help and tutoring services on various topics included in MIT’s OCW. ‘Financial Management-15.414 (Summer 2003)’ is the latest addition.

Graduate Tutor’s expert tutors consist of MBA, CPAs or CFAs with strong tutoring skills in accounting and finance among other topics. Currently we provide tutoring to finance students from a number of top business schools and we are confident with their ability to tutor ‘Financial Management-15.414 (Summer 2003)’

‘Financial Management-15.414 (Summer 2003)’ is just one of the many topics that we plan to provide tutoring in. We hope to widen our spectrum and provide tutoring support to more programs included in MIT’s open courseware.

Enjoy learning and look forward to it!

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  • bader March 23, 2010, 4:24 pm

    i am looking for tutor who is capable in financial derivatives