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Student review / feedback on MBA private tutoring

We get great student reviews / feedback from our students.  We don’t post all the feed back in our blog since this was not the intention of starting this MBA Tutoring Blog!  But we like to post feedback that distinguishes our service from other tutoring services and this is one such student review.


I wanted to provide feedback on tutoring I’ve been receiving this week on Quantitative Analysis. The tutoring sessions have been more in-depth that I expected when my university mentioned they’d arrange a tutor. I simply thought someone would call me to answer questions I had and hang up the phone. Your service that you are providing is far superior that my original expectations. I received a call where weak topics where shared, and on a later date lesson plans where set up providing an incredible foundation to arrive at an overall understanding of my weak topics. This was not a question an answer session, but more like a classroom environment with a ratio of one teacher to one student. I’m incredibly grateful for the time spent on helping me understand topics and appreciate the effort that was set forth. I would like to compliment your company on the superior quality of service you have provided and I know there will be many satisfied customers to come! Thank you!


Karen Burkardt

Thanks for the feedback Karen! We enjoyed working with you!