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Financial risk: Tutoring still needed!?

Have we learnt our lessons from the economic crisis? Or do we still need more financial risk tutoring? What can MBA programs do to promote an understanding of financial risk in MBA students who will lead in the future ?

The economic crisis over the last two years has seen plenty of paper, ink and blog space being used to point fingers at almost everyone! Governments, political parties, organizations ( both private and public), individuals, leaders, society, habits, et al have been accused of contributing to the crisis. Economist.com has an interesting take on financial risk. In a special report on financial risk Matthew Valencia talk about various views. Read it in detail.

Much has been written and talked about. Have we learnt our lessons? Or do we still need more financial risk tutoring? I believe we still need more financial risk tutoring. Creative financial accounting, fancy economic models and financial modeling, etc are not the solution. Business schools must make financial risk management an integral part of their MBA programs.