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Business Writing & MBA Tutors

As MBA tutors, we get to work with MBA students around the country. The business writing skills of a few MBA students are a concern for us. With texting becoming widely prevalent, classic writing skills are being significantly compromised. Spellings, grammar, structure, et al are severely compromised.

This NYT article highlights this issue in the US.  I recently read about a group of UK educators who considered removing the requirement for correct spelling in exams as the number of British students failing exams had increased dramatically!

I believe that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg as most of our students are in their thirties and above. We will only see the impact when today’s teenagers reach graduate school.  A decade from now, I believe that business writing will become a foundation course in the MBA program.

The NYT article above takes a lenient view on spellings. I personally would like to maintain the good old classic writing skills and will encourage students to use good business writing. While we do not have any specialist business writing tutors, our finance tutors, accounting tutors and economics tutors can tutor you on business writing and help you develop business writing skills.