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EMBA homework help & tutoring?

EMBAs (executive MBAs) and PMBAs (professional/part time MBAs) like our service.   And many EMBAs and PMBAs have written in to express their satisfaction with Graduate Tutor’s homework help and tutoring service.  We have asked ourselves, why EMBAs and PMBAs find Graduate Tutor’s homework help and tutoring service particularly valuable and have the following to offer:

Quality: High quality tutoring is guaranteed at Graduate Tutor.  Unlike many undergraduate students or full time MBAs, executive MBAs have a severe constraint on time.  They do not want to try various tutors available online or on campus before the settle in on a quality tutor.

Convenience: No travel involved! They can study from home/office/School.  They can study at anytime (almost) – late night – when they are back from work and their kids have gone to sleep or early morning – before anyone is up or work begins.

Confidentiality: No one else needs to know!

Desire to learn vs. Get through the exam: Many undergraduates and MBAs just want to get through the exam!  Unfortunately, the focus is on just getting an MBA and finding a job.  EMBAs and PMBAs know how important and applicable a subject like accounting, finance or statistics is in a senior executive’s life and want to understand the content being studied.

Personalized service: We provide a personalized permium service.  EMBAs and PMBAs appreciate the personalized service more and are willing to pay for it.

If you know any other reasons, plese do let us know.

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  • Olusola Peluola September 2, 2009, 12:57 pm

    Will need help with my on line MBA program immediately.
    Thank you for the anticipated prompt response

  • Latoya Cameron September 11, 2009, 9:41 am

    I am looking for a tutor. I am enrolled into the MBA/HR Management program.