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President Obama’s online town hall meeting

President Obama is going to do a townhall meeting online!!  He has invited everyone to use a new feature called “Open for Questions” to ask a question about the economy and rate other questions up or down.

The first category of questions is on Education.  Please take your concerns to the President.  Sign in to the site and address your concerns regarding graduate education and graduate tutoring.

“What will you and your administration do to help make college more affordable for every American?” asks Jill from Chicago, IL.
CNN reported the following question on making higher education more affordable

“What is the government doing to make higher education more affordable for lower and middle class families?” asked James who described himself as a full-time student who also works full time, “only to break even at the end of the month.”

Two additional comments:

  • First let me say that going online is a great move!  Being an online service we understand the medium and its potential reach.
  • Second, please don’t miss this opportunity to take your concerns to the President.  Let the world know your concerns regarding graduate education.