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Graduate Tutor’s customers


Graduate Tutor’s students are primarily business school students.  Over 90% of these are graduate students doing their MBA. 


We also classify our customers based on their needs:

  • Many of our students are smart folks who have significant achievements in various apects of live but struggle with a particular subject.  It may be finance, operations, statistics, accounting, data analysis, etc.  They just dont want to get by with their studies but want to make sure they understand their subjects and are keeping up with their class.
  • Some of our students are already in the top quartile of their respective classes but want to do some additional studies to stay ahead of their class.  It may be working on additional questions or going deeper into specific areas of their MBA syllabus with our tutors.  An example may be a case where a student does market research extensively on their job and so would like to go deeper into the statistical aspects of market research methodologies that were not covered by their MBA syllabus.
  • Others students are working professionals or executives at various companies who would like learn a specific business topic or get a refresher on something they learnt while they were at B-school a while back.  May be a new role at work requires our student to learn new concepts.