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Simple Linear Regression Analysis Tutoring & Homework Help

Simple linear regression is a modeling technique with a wide range of applications. Simple linear regression is one of the simpler and easier modeling techniques among a variety of regression modeling techniques.


Regression analysis is a modeling technique used to analyze the relationship between a continuous dependent variable Y and one or more independent variables X1, X2, X3...... Simple linear regression has the word simple because it evaluate only one variable X1. Simple linear regression gets the term variable because it assumes a linear relationship between the dependent and independent variables.


Regression analysis is used for a wide variety of purposes. The application of regression analysis can be classified generally into analysis of data and prediction of variables. Other regression analysis techniques include but are not limited to multiple regression modeling, curvilinear regression models, polynomial regression models, discriminant analysis models..........(a really long list!).


Graduate Tutor's Statistics Tutor Group is well equipped to tutor you in the various simple linear regression models and techniques. Work with our tutors online and learn the concepts underlying the simple linear regression techniques. Apply the simple linear regression technique on sample data from a wide variety of industries to consolidate your reinforce what you learn. Use commonly available regression tools including microsoft excel or crystal ball software. See a sample of the simple linear regression topics, methods and tools you can learn with Graduate Tutor's Statistics Tutor Group below. Please email us if you do not find what you are looking for below and we will be happy to assist you in finding what you need.


Simple Linear Regression Analysis Topics

Introduction to Simple Linear Regression
Examples of Simple Linear Regression Applications in Business  
Types of Regression Models 
Simple Linear Regression Analysis 
Defining "Best Fit" of an Linear Regression Analysis Model
Solving the Regression Model Using Solver 
Solving the Regression Model Using the Regression Tool in Microsoft Excel
Evaluating the Fit of the Simple Linear Regression Model
Interpreting the R Statistic in a Simple Linear Regression Model Output
Making Predictions using the Simple Linear Regression Model
Interesting the Standard Error in the Simple Linear Regression Model Output
Prediction Intervals for New Values of Y using the Simple Linear Regression Model
Confidence Intervals for Mean Values of Y in the Simple Linear Regression Model  
A Note about Extrapolation 
Statistical Tests for Population Parameters 
Analysis of Variance 
Assumptions for the Statistical Tests 
A Note about Statistical Tests 
Summary of Simple Linear Regression


Other operations research and statistics topics that Graduate Tutor's Statistics Tutor Group tutor include:


Multiple Linear Regression

Time Series Forecasting using Microsoft Excel or Crystal Ball Software

Discriminant Analysis

Simulation using Crystal Ball Software

Spreadsheet Modeling

Financial Modeling using Microsoft Excel