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Free tuition with the “Illinois Back to Work” program

This is wonderful news and so we thought we must share it with our readers. Benedictine University is helping people out of work study – tuition free. More specifically, they are offering to cover students’  tuition and fees after all eligible state and federal aid is applied. Yes, there are limitations. The “Illinois Back to Work” program is only limited to  Illinois residents and qualified applicants must be 25 or older. They must have been unemployed for at least 18 months and have not already earned a bachelor’s degree. This is not an offer for all but is still a welcome example. Thank you to all the wonderful people at Benedictine University.

“The people who are out of work right now were at one time employed. Their tax money helped build the education system throughout this country. It’s now time for higher education to give back,”  – William Carroll, President, Benedictine University

Please pass this along so more people will follow Benedictine’s example and those in need of support can become aware and get help if they qualify.  If you are aware of other programs like this, please let us know so that we can spread the word too.