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“States disinvesting in higher education”

State colleges and universities are feeling the pinch just like many states themselves!  And they are responding just like the states and other organizations are by doing what they can to survive.  Unfortunately this means a lot of cuts.  Not good news for graduate education.

“The trend line is states disinvesting in higher education.”

So said Jane Wellman, executive director of the Delta Project on Postsecondary Costs, Productivity and Accountability, an organization that studies spending by colleges and universities in this NYT article.

While the mission of public universities and community and state colleges is providing local education, we hope the top universities and boards whose mission is to provide top quality and cutting edge education will not cut back on the investment in graduate education.  While undergraduate education is key for local economies today and in the near future, graduate education and research will be critical for long term growth and success.