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Work experience

Submitted by Harshit.

Work experience: Have a rich work experience or internship experience(recent graduates).

If given a choice between working at a large company or a startup, chose the startup as your learning curve is exponential in a startup. Pay might be lesser, but responsibilities, opportunities for leadership will be more. With great power comes great responsibility. At a startup, a student may have to function as the CEO, the HR Manager and the peon too of his company.

Be extremely passionate about what you are doing, develop a business sense. Think in terms of numbers. Learn the tricks of the trade. Different companies retain their customers in different ways. Once a company builds its reputation, customers are generally willing to shell out more cash for the brand rather than the product.

Cut your rope: We all have a plan B ,a back-up plan in case things don’t work out. This is counter productive to a certain extent. If one really wants to succeed in a given field, then we must climb our “Everest” without a safety harness. In “The Dark Knight Rises” Bruce Wayne was able to escape the “pit” only after he decided to scale it without a safety harness. He climbs the huge wall, while knowing well that any false step will be his last. He reaches near the top, takes a look at the distance ahead, readies for jump, leaps, and… yes, this time he makes it out of the prison with his last leap. Its only when we have one goal in mind that we can truly succeed.

“Cowards die many times before their deaths,

The valiant never taste of death but once.”- Shakespeare

To succeed in the cut throat world of business, a student has to be brave to follow his heart and go “the extra mile” to succeed.


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