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What YOU Can’t Live Without

Submitted by Justin


I really wish someone would have told me this in undergrad. Looking back now working on my second Master’s degree, I would have saved so much time and energy if I had ONLY known this SECRET:




Now I know you’re busy-but hear me out!


Our bodies are made to need certain physical ingredients and exercise is one of them (the other 2 are diet and sleep).


With exercise you will gain more for your time and money than almost anything out there. What else will give you:


  • enhanced energy
  • better self-esteem
  • sharper focus
  • rejuvenating sleep


You can receive these for the price of going to your school’s gym; and you are probably paying for that already!


Not to mention it will greatly reduce your stress.


So now I’ve convinced you. You want to go…but you’re uncertain on how to begin. Here are my FIVE easy steps to make working-out work for you:


1. Hire a personal trainer at your gym.


Do this for just a few sessions (2-5) if money is tight or have your gym’s staff work with you one-on-one. If you’ve never been to the gym, these folks can help you get acclimated to the environment and you’ll have someone to guide you, rather than feeling like you’re being watched by the “pro’s.”

You’ll feel like you belong.


2. Find a gym buddy.


You will need someone to encourage you to exercise on those days you don’t feel like it. If you are helping them work-out, whether it’s social or you’re helping him or her physically with weights, he or she will depend on you and will not want you to miss. You will do the same for him or her.


3. Eat differently.


It doesn’t matter what direction you pick to head in with food-just do something different. Eat less on one of your meals every day, divide your food into smaller portions, or eat better quality food. Either way-change something.


4. Get some shut-eye.


This is necessary to continue your new habit. Exercise will also make your sleep more restful. You will awake more refreshed than before. Enjoy it!


5. Set 1 short and 1 long-term goal.


How much do you want to lose or gain in a given time? Start small. If you want to lose or gain 20 pounds in a year then divide that down into what you would need to lose/gain per week. If you don’t know where to start, plan on 1 pound per week. Check your scales once a week. Adjust your diet until you are losing/gaining at your target rate. You know how much losing/gaining 1 pound a week is in a year’s time? FIFTY-TWO POUNDS!!!  You can do it!


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