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What is Your Strategy

Submitted by Katrín H.


As soon as you read this question, you probably thought; what do you mean? What strategy?

First, the essence of studying is thinking. Asking yourself questions and searching for the answers. As you study business, you will constantly be dealing with strategy, one way or the other. A great way to study business effectively is to implement strategy in your life right now. As long as you come up with the most successful strategy for yourself, it will result in the most positive outcome for you. Exactly the same as a business manager does for his/her organization.

Second, what is the essence of business and strategy? It is to get the most effective results or the best possible outcome for the business. Profit-oriented or not, getting the most effective results is preferred by everyone. If you run tracks, you want to run the fastest your body can handle. If you are a manager, you want to be the most successful one. So, since you are a student, don´t you want to be the most successful one? Then go ahead and pick your strategy! It has to have objectives that are SMART or S for specific (suiting you), M for measurable (like your grades or achievement in sports etc.), A for action (list up what actions are needed to accomplish the strategy), R for realistic (no one is losing 20 pounds in a couple of days!) and T for timely (set yourself a timeframe for each objective) then implement it (go for it!).

At last, many strategies need adjustment and changes and one applies them over and over. But the thrill is, once you live a strategy that fits, nothing can stop you!

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