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Tips from Sheena

Submitted by Sheena.


Being in a new environment can be difficult; especially when it is known for its rigorous and competitive nature, no matter how many years of school you already have under your belt or how old you are. Most of the students (freshers) are nervous about the prospect and spend a great deal of time struggling with the transition.

Nowadays just doing a Master of Business Administration (MBA)is not enough to get your dream job. Since the corporate world is very competitive, demanding and dynamic, there are other areas that you should be proficient enough in to secure your dream job with your dream salary.

If MBA candidates  implement some simple and effective measures, then they can  cope with the stress and make themselves employable.

Some of them are  :-

1.      TOUR YOUR SCHOOL WELL(for freshers): One of the problems with being in a new environment is that students are unaware of where they are going. Before your class sessions start, be sure to take a thorough tour of the school to familiarize yourself with the location of all of your classes as well as the facilities you might use–the library, the admissions office etc. You can take the help of your seniors for the same. Knowing where you are going will make the first few days a lot easier to get through.
2.        NETWORKING: Networking is an important part of the business school experience. For new MBA students, finding time to network can be a challenge. However, it is very important that you incorporate networking into your schedule. The contacts you meet in business school can last a lifetime and may just help you get a job after graduation. To be a successful professional, you must be well connected and network with people in your field. Having a good network and being active on social networking sites will be useful for you.
There are several ways to create a network in a business school :-
Be in touch with your classmates and directors : By networking directly with your business school classmates, you build relationships with people who will end up with important jobs in your industry. Your classmates could be potential business partners, employers, employees, suppliers, or clients. Getting to know them while you are still peers is an opportunity that could help you in the long term. Try to be friendly and maintain a healthy relationship with them. Meet your MBA program directors and instructors to gain advice and obtain information about the MBA marketplace.
Participate in various activities : Most business schools offer a wide range of activities that are directly related to your program or industry. You should try to participate in as many activities as you can as it gives you a good exposure to good networking opportunities. . The people you meet during various events could actually turn into lifelong contacts. Many B-school competitions are held online too. Regular participation in specific groups and activities also gives you something to put on your resume after you get out of school.
Start your own organization: If you can’t find enough networking events to keep you busy while you are in business school, you could start your own organization. Study groups, charitable causes, mixers and even book clubs provide a wonderful chance to network – especially when you control who is invited.
Learn to work in a group : Many business schools require study groups or team projects. Even if your school does not require this, you may want to consider joining or starting your own study group. Working with other students in your class is a great way to network and get team experience. Although it is not a good idea to try to get other people to do your work for you, there is no harm in helping each other work through difficult material. Depending on others and knowing that others depend on you is also a good way to stay on track academically.
3.      PLAN YOUR TIME (for both) :You may be super busy; outside of class, there are club meetings, group projects, class preparation, career search, networking events, and social activities that will pull you in different directions. But you should spend some quality time with your family and relatives as well. It will freshen up your mind.
4.      ENHANCE YOUR SOFT SKILLS (for both) :  You must enhance your communication skills, presentation skills and soft skills. For those who’re not confident about their soft skills, joining a finishing school to develop your personality, body language, inter-personal and social interaction skills will be beneficial.
5.      DEVELOP CORPORATE AWARENESS (especially for seniors) : An employer is not only looking for a MBA degree but also for the application orientation of the student. Students in B-school study the concepts of management in their classes but hardly understand how this knowledge can be applied in a  real business scenario. Thus there is a gap between theory and knowledge. To be able to bag a coveted job you must understand what business is all about and how you can contribute to the growth of any organization.
6.      CAREFUL SELECTION OF INTERNSHIPS AND PLACEMENTS (for both):Always select a good/reputed company in your field for internship as it is the only opportunity where you can exhibit your skills by translating them into performance. At the same time, you learn about a particular industry, how it functions and its operations in detail. Ensure that you select an internship with  the same profile or in the same industry that you intend to work in future. Many internship opportunities are available online also.


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