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Tips for College Success

Submitted by Patricia B.


Most college students are not defeated by the rigor of the classroom; instead, they are undone by their own bad habits. Success in the classroom does not depend entirely on intelligence. In fact, with the right habits and attitude, every student can be successful in college. The key to staying on top of all the work, responsibilities, and fun that come with being in college is organization. Every student can succeed if they use their planner wisely, stop procrastinating, and stay engaged.

Befriend your planner. Students are constantly being pulled in several different directions by school, friend, family, and often work. Planners are relatively inexpensive and portable. The best way to ensure that you never forget to do an assignment is to write the assignment and due date in your planner immediately after getting your class syllabus. It also helps to write in personal and work related duties so that you know exactly how hectic your week will be. Planning out your weeks in advance will help you to be organized; you will be better able to plan out when to start your homework assignments and when to study for exams. To keep up with the demands of the world of business, it is important to stay a few steps ahead. Learn to use your planner now and your career will thank you.

Using a planner is an easy and painless way to make sure that a due date never catches you off guard but it’s useless if you procrastinate. The beauty of a planner is that if you plan out your week and do everything a little at a time, you won’t have to scramble to get everything done at the last minute. Most of the stress that comes with college life has to do with the bad habit of leaving things until the last minute. Work that is strung together the night before – or worse, the morning of – are rarely as thorough and scholastically worthy as they should be.  While it is sometimes possible to fool your professors, bad work has a tendency to haunt students as many scholarships and even internships ask for samples of written essays.

The best way to avoid procrastination is by staying engaged. In business, they say “time is money”; use your time wisely by making the most of it. When in class, engage with your professors: ask questions and answer theirs.  Actively participating during class will help to keep your mind from wandering. Engage with your classmates by setting up or joining study groups. Being accountable to a group will help to ensure that you actually study on time.

Being successful in college is not guaranteed to those who are smart nor is it denied to those who have to put in extra work to learn concepts. If you take the simple steps toward getting organized, you will find that you will be less stressed about your workload.  Organization makes all the difference.

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