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The more you spend it, the more you gain

Submitted by Park (September 2012)

            My life has been enriched by volunteering and sharing with the people around me. I do not know exactly how and why I began  to do this, but it has run in my blood from the beginning. I have been raised by Christian people who were dedicated to helping people in need. They served the people around them with passion and ambition, with no expectation of receiving payment. As far as I remember, my father always worked so hard. He worked so hard not only to support our family, but also to aid people, especially those suffering from serious financial hardships. This has influenced my character, personality, and attitude toward people.

The world has so many lessons to teach you, and there is a lesson in almost everything that you do. The beautiful thing about volunteering and sharing is that no one can take the joy away from you. Trust me; you will enjoy inner pleasure through this meaningful activity, which enriches your spirit and inner wisdom.

Once I spent two weeks volunteering in Mongolia – I was helping underprivileged students with homework. In those days, I continually saw the positive changes that the volunteering and sharing brought to the children’s life. I remember that the children were studying  till midnight with tears of joy in their eyes because no one had taught or helped them learn something before I did. After helping them through their struggle, and finding how much joy and happiness it brought them, I began to believe that a person could make a difference in the world by providing people with help through volunteering and sharing.

This is also true for any field of business. If you want to be successful in the field of business, you should keep this in mind – “The more you spend , the more you gain.” I  don’t mean that you should only spend money, but rather that the spending must be by volunteering and sharing from the bottom of your heart. Along with this wise spending, you must have a positive impact on the people involved in your business.You just cannot run a business without people. You cannot make it successful without dedication, help from, and a good relationship with people.  Trust me, sound relationships and strong bonds between people are a lot more important than money itself. Remember, if the purpose of your business is money, you will lose both money and people.

In conclusion, if you want to be successful in your business, you should do volunteer work and share as much as you can and this will lead you to the next level of understanding people. Inner wisdom is more precious than wealth in doing a business, and you can build up your inner wisdom through volunteering and sharing.

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