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Don’t Study, Trust Yourselves And Start A Band

Submitted by Thiruvengadam in November 2012


My best advice to fellow students would be, “Don’t study, trust yourselves and start a band”. Now, as crazy and unorthodox as this pithy might sound, I shall prove to you in the following lines that this indeed is quite a bit of good advice.”Don’t study” would be the very first advice given by me. I shall justify it by asking two questions. Did poets study poems? Did writers study novels and story books in order to note down points on how to become a great writer? I would hazard a guess that the answer to both questions would be a definite no. Most of the successful people in various fields today haven’t become a rags-to-riches story because of their technical knowledge or their physical beauty (except in beauty contests, of course!).


The main reason is because they did not theoretically analyze and study each and every point of their subject. Their liking for the subject at hand urged them to quench their thirst for knowledge rather than quench their thirst for marks. I’m saying that it’s better for us to know that rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon that appears in the sky, rather than saying that it is a spectrum of light caused due to the reflection of light in water droplets in the Earth’s atmosphere. Kind of spoils the fun, doesn’t it?  However, we have one obstacle called exams which require us to “study” the subjects in depth. Take economics, for example. If you truly liked the subject, then you would not have the need to by heart everything in the textbook or memorize. It would sink in and stay in your memory just like the lyrics of your favorite song. The second most important advice would be to “trust yourselves”. In this crazy, modern day world, it is a tremendous task to trust the person sitting right next to you.


So I urge you to trust the person who will never, ever let you down – yourself. Most people state that confidence is necessary for success. It’s a quasi-true statement. The point is, if you trust yourself, then everything else will follow suit. Confidence might vary depending on people you meet, circumstances and other factors, but trust in yourself will see you fighting your way out of any kind of situation. The last and the most awesome advice ever – “start a band”. Now, most of the things that we do today are largely dependent on other people- be it their opinions, actions or emotions. So why not start something that involves people and motivates them into action? Combining music, the universal language of love, and dance, and money, of course (another universal language), would be the ultimate combination that you would be searching for in life.  After all, it would be fun plus experience. If you lost your entire wealth by starting a music band, well then, why not start a band of sellers and customers (a company)? Plenty of fun and money can be gained. Even after following every possible advice, if you still failed in maintaining the band, then, tarry not, you didn’t fail. One single life rule-“In life, you win because of two reasons. You either win or you tried to”. So my best, and possibly the best advice to my fellow students would be, “Don’t study, trust yourselves and start a band”.

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