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Seek Diversity… Celebrate Differences!

Submitted by Mukta in November 2012

One of the unmatched benefits of a full time MBA programme is the composition of the class. This class is unlike any other that one may find in any distance learning course or any online course. The experience of learning with some of the brightest and interesting people is priceless and yet it is one of the most overlooked factors by the students.  They like to settle in with people they like and most often, seek the comfort of being  with their own  kind. By sticking to just one group for your assignments, presentations etc. you are letting go of great opportunity to learn and experience so much more.

Make the most of your association with your batch mates. Create a series of diverse experiences with them, learn to celebrate the diversity and differences in backgrounds that constitute an MBA batch. Moreover, the world is getting more and more connected and diverse with every passing day. One of the best ways to excel in this world is to develop an appreciation of differences and to expect the unexpected. Develop such skills by interacting with and getting to know people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.  This is something that nobody can teach you, you have to learn it on your own.
In fact, try being friends with individuals who are as different from you as possible. Do the things you have not planned, welcome surprises and over a period of time you will learn to handle any situation that comes your way. One word of caution, however, be genuinely interested in people and in knowing them. If you are talking to someone just because you think he/she can be a good network in future, the advantages are going to be limited.
Initiate different activities with different groups of students…the activities could be adventure sports, a rock concert, community service, some market research project…come up with your own ideas. But be there, get involved with others, this is one of the best ways to make the most of your investment in an MBA programme.


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