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School, Work or Both

Submitted by Marquise Fair (October 2012)

“All men by nature desire to know” (Aristotle). It is this desire that lies within all of us that behooves us to pursue Higher Education, so that we may know whatever it is our heart desires to know. I started my first semester at Miami Dade College Homestead campus with aspirations of putting all of my effort into Higher Learning. Unfortunately, making school my only priority is a luxury that I can afford and many students share my situation. I had no choice but to work, in order to balance school and work it takes drive, motivation, desire and perseverance yet, much more is needed. Ergo, in order to truly be effective in all your endeavors, time management is one of the most important of all skills that will help one to succeed not only will having a time orientated schedule allow you to have more free time it will help you to decide when and what to do. Therefore, if you find yourself overwhelmed by assignment’s and work dates or work schedules try making a time orientated schedule it is one the most effective tools I have learned to use.


Always remember rely on your syllabus, in every class I have had, I have been issued a syllabus, a syllabus is a document containing all of the due dates and assignment’s for your course. Using the syllabus you can adjust your schedules to better fit your needs and once your time management is in order you can now focus on the quality of your work. Always look for advantages within your disadvantages transportation for me transportation was one of the most difficult aspects of balancing work and school for I, nor anyone in my household owns a vehicle, and once again other students share my footing. One cannot fret in the face of adversity, you must overcome, use your so called disadvantages to your advantage, while riding the bus there is ample time to start an assignment or finish one or to use the “alone” time to study. Last but not least set goals, everyone has a goal our goals are what motivate us, our goals create desire within us and our goals help us to persevere. The big picture that we all have in our heads; our goals, are the only things that enable us to fight adversity. For example, Thomas Edison attempted to create the light bulb over 10,000 times before he reached success because he maintained his goal in front of him, he knew he had failed 9,999 times but he viewed every attempt as a definitive way a light bulb could not be made not as a failure or short coming. It was this way of thinking that impregnated Mr. Edison with the desire and motivation to persevere in his light bulb creation. If you change the way you look at things then the things you see will change, view failures as learning experiences, keep your goals in mind in the face of rigor. Whether, School, work or both, whatever you will to, you will do.

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