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Prepare for Higher Education

Submitted by Jorge S.

I am a Miami Dade College student and I would love to give some advice to some of my fellow students on how to be a better student and on how to prepare themselves to receive a higher education.

One of the most important advice I can give to a fellow student is to take advantage of the academic advisors. I feel that they have great knowledge in many areas like curriculum, school regulations and policies, deadlines, financial aid, extracurricular activities, student life, faculty and more. Advisors can make your college experience easier by helping you select the best order in which you should take the courses for your major. If you’re undecided on your major, they can advise you depending on your skills, goals, and interests. Advisors are there to help you take advantage of all the opportunities that the school has available.

Another advice I would like to give my fellow students is to present themselves to the professor at the beginning of the semester. During the semester it’s very important to be in contact with the professor and express any doubts or concerns they have. Communication is extremely important and one must understand that the professor is there to help us learn and understand the material.  Communicating with the professor will show that you are interested and committed to the learning.

Another advice I would like to give my fellow students is to form study groups. Everyone has different studying strategies and everyone has different learning styles. I feel that in exchanging notes and knowledge, one might learn by hearing their classmates different perspective and thoughts. In study groups there’s always different discussions that take place and individuals will bring up ideas and questions that maybe didn’t occur to you. I’ve always like that in most study groups classmates explain the material aloud which can helps one’s recall ability the days of the exam.

Another advice I would like to give my fellow students is to read the course materials (chapter, power points, notes etc…) before and after class. Although you might not understand the material by reading it before class, it’ll serve as an introduction to you. During the lecture the material will be further explained and clarified by the professor. After class, I suggest that you read the material again and review your notes and if you have any confusion, make a note of it and email or ask your professor in person.

Another advice I would like to give my fellow students is to be very familiar with the course and schools calendar and any important dates and deadlines that may be pending. I suggest you make several copies of them and look at them regularly. By being familiar with the calendar allows you to manage your time efficiently avoiding procrastination.

Another advice I would like to give my fellow students is to be on time to class and not to miss any classes. I feel this shows the professor that you’re interested in learning and it will reflect you in a positive manner. I recommend that you arrive to school early and make sure to be prepared for class. If you are unfamiliar with the campus and class locations, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with it because it will be very advantageous to you.

Another advice I would like to give my fellow students is to eat healthy and get sufficient sleep. A healthy diet can lead to better overall performance of the mind, body and cognitive functioning. Getting enough sleep is essential to feeling awake, alert and performing well academically.

In conclusion, I feel education is a privilege that we have and sometimes is taken for granted. They’re many countries that don’t have the opportunity to get an education. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and allows us to develop many perspectives of looking at life. It helps us develop opinions and have different points of view of in life. Education gives knowledge in many aspects and having knowledge is a very powerful asset to possess. I am very grateful everyday for the opportunity I have to seek higher education and receive knowledge.


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