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The Most Important Plan is a Well Prepared Plan of Action!

Submitted by Morales in November 2012


The most important piece of advise I can give a business school is to plan and prepare in that exact order. What am I going to do once I major in business? What is a great career path for a business degree? These are fundamental questions for which a business student should plan and should start asking. You would then want to prepare yourself by looking into getting an internship at a business-friendly company. If you find a career that you wouldn’t mind working for, prepare by creating a great resume.

I remember when I first got married, my husband and I had plans to buy our fist home. We started preparing and began doing research on the internet by Googling homeownership questions, reading online forums, and visiting blogs of homeowners with our same path. We had gathered enough homeownership information that we started interviewing realtors, and we chose a realtor that knew our local market. We then got pre-approved by a loan officer to help us fund our home.  After viewing numerous properties and putting tons of offers. We found a property that was the right fit for our criteria. Our offer was accepted and we became first time home buyers. This was all possible by developing a plan and preparing the first day on how to achieve that plan. You have to start thinking about your future by preparing today, and don’t let anything or anyone stop your from devising a plan. Think of your life as if you were preparing a meal. You simply follow the recipe to the meal you want to cook. Wouldn’t life be easier if you followed the same recipe, the recipe for planning and preparing anything related to a business major?

In conclusion, I would advise business students to plan and prepare.   You should plan for anything you want just as long as you prepare yourself today to make that plan a become a reality!

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