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My Help Comes From Jesus

Submitted by Nedline in November 2012

Thank you so much for opportunity “where opportunity is everything”. Your assistance will flourish the greatness that’s in me! It’s essential that I succeed and elevate to the next level. Thank you for investing in this vessel and motivating me with the empowerment to transform my life. I am committed to growth and development therefore I strive to complete my visions as an over comer who is able to walk in Excellency and Dignity. I appreciate that you’ve looked beyond my imperfection and have saw the need to re examine the values that the past have taught me to cherish.

Life at this point is awesome but I am just convinced that my best days are ahead of me. I give myself no credit but I am very pleased with the accomplishments that I have obtained and I know that this moment will change my life forever. I believe that I represent more than just being another applicable candidate; I have a vision that I want to expose to the world.  Regardless of any obstacles, I am persuaded that I am prospering in unlimited achievements. I envision my passion in demonstrating the importance of focusing not on myself but reaching out to others.

I have decided not to give up due to financial setbacks, I just ask and thank you for THE CHANCE.I am confidence through personal experience that the reward of education plays a tremendous impact on one’s self esteem and a meaningful life. Throughout the past two years I received the possibilities of a lifetime. Last December I received the privilege of being a part of the Casmir/Magic Wand Foundation toy drive in demonstrating my love of being a participant of offering the gift of generosity for Christmas to children all around the world. And who can forget the heartwarming occurrence in interacting with Renee Darden who is the Domestic Violence coordinator of the North Miami Beach Police department? Those experiences were available through my connection with education.

I thank you for believing in me. I honor every moment and really am thankful for the wonderful treasures of life. Thank you for furthering my advancement and sowing into my future. You are the door opener to many who are eagered, passionate, and excited about what life has to offer. I will take the knowledge that you offer for the betterment of me and for the success of others that I come in contact with. Thank you for showing me that I can just simply BELIEVE!

Thank you for believing in me,

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