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Make Your Dream Come True

Submitted by Patricia V.


I would say being a single parent of two troublemakers is challenging and maintaining my sanity through it all is not only a hassle but difficult. Because maintaining a full time job is not only easier said than done but rigid cause it requires traveling and racing to class afterwards. Especially when you add going back to school to pursue a higher degree and education in Nursing; it’s not that hard that I already have Medical background due to the fact I am a full time Ophthalmic Technician. Managing all three is having three full time jobs and is not easy but well worth it in the end. You just have to strive to maintain motivation no matter how hard it gets towards the middle of gaining accomplishment. Working  together is what family is all about.

I have two children and I have decided now that their older to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.  Managing their trouble matters throughout the years, being a single mom, and going to school full time can be difficult to juggle; but with dedication, hard work and devotion I managed to make it all work. The main issue is with work during the day 7am-6pm then right after I run to school; which causes a lot of studying.

However things don’t always go as we plan it; therefore I have learned throughout the years. I would stop school every time there was a family emergency and finally realized that there will always be situations in life that seem to be difficult; but you just have to keep going and stay focus on your dreams. I have gone through so much, but none of that comes close to what I’m going through now and if I would have never stopped in the past; I would be finished today and life would be so much easier. I guess that’s why they say  life gives us lessons.

Now I wake up at 5 am to start my day by cooking and caring for a family member that was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, before I took care of my daughter during my college process. She has a brain injury from a bad fall while she was hospitalized due to being involved in a near fatal car accident four years ago. But she has made me so strong, as she does not give up, she  is unable to write and goes through a lot of pain to walk; but none of that stops her from fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse. Through her recovery she decided to go to college to pursue her dream. I’m her note taker for one of her classes, then I start work at 8am until 5:45pm to run to class five days a week and after class pick up my daughter; to go home and cook, help my daughter with her homework then do my homework and study, in which means I usually go to sleep around 1:30 – 2am until 5am.

I make small index cards on a small ring with everything I need to study, that way at work when I’m waiting to work up a patient, which maybe two – three minutes I can study without no one getting mad that I’m studying, before I would have my book or study papers and get in trouble for looking at it while I’m at work even though I was waiting for a chart, what can I say people are funny. Television and movies are not important at all, because one movie or show would take away from my study time and remember you can’t get that time back especially if there is a test coming up. In the future when I finish my dream I will have plenty time to do what I want.

In conclusion being focused and stay on  track, and through it all you can accomplish anything, just keep faith. Also stay organized and dedicated to fulfilling your dreams; they will pay off and just remember life never throws anything our way that we can’t handle. Therefore you just have to keep going and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from fulfilling your dream, as education is the key to your future and no one can ever take that away from you. What always helps me is the saying “God never gives us more then we can handle”, good luck on your endeavor and enjoy your journey!

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