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Keys to Succeed by JM

Submitted by JM in November 2012


This is not a hard question to answer because I’m currently in college. Just wish that I would actually listen to my own advice. I would first start with saying when your professor or instructor says your homework or paper is due a week from today, don’t be upset when he or she doesn’t accept because it’s two weeks late. Not every teacher is a ‘pushover’ and they gonna be like “okay you can turn it in after the due date I gave everyone else”. Come to class on time as if you were going to work (if class starts @8:00, be there at 7:45). You may miss out on some important information especially if you don’t talk to anyone in class. When Professors give you a study guide for your test, it would behoove you to actually learn the topics because more than likely it will be on the test. And by the way read your syllabus. I actually know classmates that never looked at their syllabus or even the study guide provided by the professor. I read over the syllabus from all my instructors because sometimes they forget to mention something or if you ask them a question they might say to refer to your syllabus. Also, they come up with the study guide to help you do well on the exam. It’s not for their benefit; they already passed their class, they already got their degree. They are trying to help us students but sometimes we just don’t get it.

Extra Credit is interesting as well. Some professors don’t offer it, and some decide to change their mind. For example, this semester my American government professor stated in her syllabus she does not offer any extra credit assignments so don’t ask her. But then she sent an email with this being a federal election year, that if anyone attends the voter rally on constitution day (Sept. 17th) wearing a ‘making democracy count’ t-shirt and writing a paragraph about the experience, you will get up to ten points on the next test. I’m mean that’s basically one letter grade. So if you are struggling in a class and the professor gives you a chance for extra credit, why not do it? My most important advice to give a college student is to manage your time. For me I feel like there is not enough time when you are attending a semester full time and you feel like you have homework every day. It almost feels overwhelming sometimes, but this is why you can’t procrastinate in college because you can have a psychology paper due in two weeks, an accounting exam next week, group presentation for American Government in two days, and a statistics test next week. I know how that feels so it’s important to plan accordingly. Sacrifice your fun time for studying because you attended college for your successful future, not to be successful working the drive-thru at In-n-Out Burger or McDonalds. I love In-n-Out Burger especially the triple-double burger animal style.

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