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Journey Into An Amusing Business World

Submitted by Nitin.


Right from the moment you decide to do MBA, and then come innumerable questions with alluring answers. Which school to select, which course to major, which company and profile to aspire and the list is endless! A business student with all his intuition and gut feeling makes a choice at every step. That intuition and get feeling can only open the doors to the gateway of the amusing and the ever-changing, flabbergasting Business World.

As a business student and tomorrows budding manager there are only two ways to live your professional life.

To be bossed or to be a boss

As Guy Kawasaki talks about the art of the start ups; learn the art right from day 1 and get on with it. Else leave the road and never look at it. The road less travelled. To be a boss!
And the other way, be it an Investment Banker, be it Strategic Consultant or be it Business Analyst will all come under the same Diaspora and they travel on the same road with different velocities and a common destiny. End of the day it doesn’t matter. You are bossed!

There are some, who stand in the middle of the two roads glorified by the rags to riches tales and the vibrant company brands end up nowhere. I used be like this. But I changed fast as said by Deepak Mehta.
The Story I Inspire The Most:

Sarath Babu began his life in the slums of Chennai, India. In 2006, he decided to turn entrepreneur with just Rs 2,000. That was the start of Food King. Today, it’s a catering business across various cities and does revenue of Rs 8 Crore. Touching revenues of Rs 50 Crore by 2016!

Sarath Babu’s story is about determination, a mother’s hard work and enterprise and a family’s fight against the odds. One of four siblings, Sarath accompanied his mother as she sold Idlis on the pavements of Chennai to supplement meagre income. Despite the hardships, his mother encouraged him to get an education and he made her dream his mission. With the help of his family and a loan of Rs 30,000, Sarath managed to get into the prestigious BITS Pilani, India and followed that with an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, India. But unlike most of his peers Sarath deciding to take up a job and instead turned entrepreneur. Getting into the food business came naturally to this 26 year old given the years spent forking his mother’s Idlis as a child.

Here is the magic done by a new age entrepreneur. At the twilight of any business student’s life an Entrepreneurial taste can only give him immense satisfaction

In today’s Globalized & Glocalized world, 24X7 business models picked up setting up offices from US-India-Japan tracking the sun. Business student should be aware of all the happenings such as Business deals, annual results of companies, and the so called natural phenomenon “—— Crisis”.

Business education is a fascination to many. I believe doing MBA helps us in knowing the world better and managing ourselves at best. Gone are the days we studied past and did things at present. Today’s predictive and prescriptive concepts are taking us to the level next. Agricultural, Industrial, IT and now Cloud computing are the so called revolutions have come in and changed the rules of the game. The interdependency between IT world and Business world is gaining importance day by day.

Class rooms give the Ultimate managerial Wisdom and corporate houses help us to go beyond the business world. Either of these to happen, one needs Passion and unyielding hope.

To leave the place better is the essence of living. If I were to answer the purpose of MBAs in 1 line I say, “Identify the gaps around you and fill them with the right mix of innovation and hope”.

Be it crisis, Be it growth, experience and contribute to the best of your efforts and skills. Await an opportunity always!

My dear! Choose something early by squeezing your heart and mind and spell it load. One you will be the dawn of the Business World.

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