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Its Not Easy

Submitted by Sierra S.


Everyone who’s been to college knows that it’s not easy. From the first class to the very last exam, your college career isn’t going to be the easiest career to stick with. Being a business student especially, it’s easy to get discouraged. Lucky for you, it gets better. I know what you’re thinking, how can this get better? I’m swamped with school work and my part-time job can be tiring, I never have time to study and I can’t seem to stay organized. This is all the advice you need, to keep going strong to pursue your dreams and reach your life goals. If you stay organized by using calendars or planners to manage your time, you’ll see you have time to devote to studying, there’s always time for that. If you need some extra money, use budgeting to plan expenses and save for rainy days. Lastly, don’t let social plans or commitments overcome your studies, this is probably the downfall of most college students. With great planning, budgeting skills and the perfect balance between finance classes and finding the hottest party – your college career will get easier and easier every semester.


One huge problem I refused to put up with in college is missing deadlines or procrastinating. When I began my first semester of college, I bought planners and calendars that helped me manage my time easily and precisely. Something as simple as a calendar can be very useful on your road to your dream career, especially if you work. You can write down all the days that you work, write down specific expenses you know you’ll have if any and even sneak a ‘nap time’ or two in there. Planners may seem like nothing but trouble and hard to keep up with but in the end you’ll be thankful you have one. Not only does it remind you about deadlines for homework or other things you need to do, it’ll respond you about upcoming tests and projects which will help you make time to study or put together the perfect project early and save time for other things. Technology is the greatest advancement around when it comes to planners because not you have everything you need to stay organized literally in the palm of your hand. You can set alarms and reminders about things you need to do and make sure you do them. The only way a planner will actually work is if you commit to it and commit to your education and work.


As if committing to a planner isn’t important enough, committing to protecting your green stuff or your piece of plastic is equally as important. I’m talking about creating a budget and sticking to it. Saving money was a huge problem for me when I became a college student and I regret spending every dime I had on clothes and shoes. The best way to save money is to create a budget; I can’t stress the importance of a budget in college because there are some expenses that the college doesn’t cover. For example I myself had a very hard time keeping a dollar in my pocket until I realized I really needed a car. The car became my ultimate goal and the ultimate reason I save money. The way I budget my money is by using a calendar: I write down all the days that I know I work, I write down all foreseen monthly expenses under the dates they’re due and use a spreadsheet to draw up a budget. I budget myself on spending budgets for clothing, food and even entertainment. This way, I make sure that I save about $300-$400 a month to go towards my car and still have some money left over for those unexpected happenings. Creating goals and intending on achieving them is a great way to save money.


One of the leading reasons people are excited to go to college is parties. Having a good time in college is important because sometimes it can get very stressful; the work load can be outrageous, the professors may give you a hard time, and you still haven’t studied for that Macroeconomics test. A party or even just a night at home relaxing is important, everyone needs their rest in order to recuperate and get prepared for another crazy week in college. Partying does come with a price though; I had a friend who partied so much that she flunked out of her school and owed so much money that she’s still working to pay them back. That’s how a lot of people start of, they go to college with the utmost intent to stay focused and get good grades, graduate and become the person they’ve always wanted to be but get caught up in the social part of college. The only advice I can give on that is to find the balance. If you know you have a test in the morning, don’t go out all night, maybe staying at home to study is the best thing, there’ll be another party next weekend.


All in all, college is what you make out of it. If you can find the perfect balance between time, money and a social life, you have mastered it all. You can’t get flustered when something goes wrong because no matter how hard you try to make everything go smoothly or perfect, something is bound to go wrong. No matter how detailed and specific your planner or calendar is, there is still always room for mistakes. College is all about seeing what skills you’ve accumulated throughout high school and learning better ways to apply those skills in your everyday life, probably even find a better way to exercise your skills. You must take every opportunity to greatness that your college path provides for you and most of all, work hard for what you want. If you practice all these habits, they’ll become second nature to you and will make your college life organized and maybe even your life outside of college more organized. Most of all, enjoy yourself along the way but don’t get carried away, college is something you’ll never forget and when it’s over and you have your dream career, you’ll realize all the time you spent studying and planning was actually worth it.

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