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How to Do Well In College 101

A lot of college students end up failing out or drop out of college. This is very preventable if you take the right steps. I am only entering my freshman year of college but the tips I am about to share are tips that have been given to me by my high school teachers and I know that they will help me succeed in college.


Tip number one is: BE ORGANIZED!! Something that my old English teacher shared with me that I know will save me when it comes to being organized is, instead of lugging around 5 big binders; just carry a file folder. Have a separate section for each subject and put the papers of the day in there. Then when you get home switch the papers from your file folder to the appropriate binder in the appropriate section. Also make sure to separate your binders by subject (one binder for English, another binder for science, etc.) and have sections in every binder (one for papers due, one for important papers, etc.). I know it’s hard to stay organized. It’s hard for me too. But if you do it as soon as you get home or as soon as you get the papers, it will be easier and it’ll feel like less work.


Tip number two is: STUDY YOUR WAY!! Everyone has different ways they like to study. For instance, I like it dead silent because I can’t think or concentrate with noise. Some people on the other hand need music to study because they can’t focus with silence. It depends on what you’re used to and what helps you get better grades. Also make sure you highlight the important stuff. I know what you’re thinking, “How do I know what the important stuff is,” right? Well, if you’re in a classroom, if the teacher says something twice or you feel like she emphasized it, highlight it. And if you’re alone, if you feel like this could possibly be on a test, quiz or more importantly, your final, definitely highlight it! Another thing is, set a studying time limit. The most, I will study is three hours for each class. That’s why I scheduled my classes early. That way I can do my three hours of studying for each class, be done by 8 PM so I can relax, catch my favorite shows, or go out.


Tip number three is: MAKE COLLEGE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!! I know it’s hard when your friends want to go out or you want to check something on Facebook or talk on the phone. But you have to remember that you going to college is costing money and it’s helping you to an extreme amount to get to your career. So don’t slack on your education cause you want to party. Contrary to popular belief, that is not what college is for.


Take these three tips and I guarantee that you will be doing the best you can in all your classes.

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