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Goals and Life

Submitted by Seth in November 2012


Walking into the polished marble building, Christmas wreaths adorn the mantel with a humble fire, flowing like water in the fireplace. A neat and sophisticated secretary sits behind a desk with her pencils and stapler perfectly lined up. Elegant pictures garnish the walls adding to the refinement of the building. Yourself dressed in a suit that comes with polished shoes and a complementary tie and sleek perfect hair, no acne or cuticles out of alignment. On you go, to take on the world. A smile on your face that radiates happiness and love, a firm handshake that portrays passion and commitment, along with eye contact with everyone you meet to make sure they know that they are important to you.

Being a business student a certain stereotype comes along with this title. You are completely polished, you love and thrive at public and interpersonal speaking, you have the latest gadget and smart phone, when you sign a legal document your signature emits aptness, and you are always in control. Basically you are perfection in a body. In reality being a student is hard enough keeping up with classes, schedules, work, friends, religious activities, and other day to day things. After a little while this piles up and you forget who you are or even why you are doing it.

My advice to any business student is never to forget your goals and have fun. In my life getting through studies, working twenty plus hour weeks, extracurricular activities, and everything else makes me so occupied that my social life and my own personality gets lost in the enormous amount of ruble. Sometimes taking a step back or ten minutes off of that paper you are writing is ok. Watching a funny You Tube video or chatting with a friend from high school for a couple of minutes is not at all bad. The whole point of being able to choose is your major is choosing something that you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life. Yes, studying about business is not always the most thrilling thing in the world but remember your goal. Never let the clutter of life get in the way of seeing your goal and always have fun with it. It’s your choice. What will you choose?

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