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Follow Your Dreams

Submitted by Angelia in November 2012


You can become what you want to be in life, but it has a lot to do with your attitude and how bad you want it.

Graduating from high school is the first step in the world, becoming an adult. We have to start taking care of bills, rent (if you’re paying your own), and thinking of our career we want. Yes, some would like to take a break from school, which is okay, but don’t break to long! While you still have what you have learned in high school, it could help you out a lot.

I wish I had started when I had left high school, I think I could have done a lot better. I am 48. I came back to school in 2009. My education is the Banking industry, Management, and sales. I lost my job and decided to start a new career. I graduated in Norwalk, CA in 2008 in Medical Billing and Coding, and then moved to Ridgecrest. I had a stroke and now dealing with MS. I missed a lot of school because of this and was going to quit, again. But I prayed about it and I am going to continue until I graduate. I am in Paralegal Studies which deals with a lot of writing.

I had to change my attitude. Nothing comes free. You have to work for whatever your dream is. Now college students have more opportunity than ever. Sometimes we have to put some things on hold (boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.) until your dream is fulfilled.


Make it happen. Make your dreams come true!!!

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