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Flexibility and Industriousness

Submitted by Lindsayin November 2012


In today’s tough job market college graduates with a BBA need to arm themselves for battle because they will be competing for jobs with highly qualified, experienced, and newly unemployed business men; many armed with MBA’s.  In the college grad’s arsenal needs to be skills that overpower the veteran business job seekers.  These skills include mastering the basic business courses-finance, marketing, leadership, management, and entrepreneurship but their armory must also include secret weapons such as ethics, proficiency in a foreign language, and computer savvy.

Job skills can be learned but character must be intrinsic.  As we travel through the social minefield of school it is easy to become jaded and lose the essential values and purity of heart that we are born with.  Ethics courses in college can help you recover your sense of right and wrong.  As a student at a Baptist University I have rediscovered my relationship with God and found that when I let “Jesus take the wheel” my life usually goes in the right direction.  Regardless of what religion (if any) you practice the concepts of integrity, honor, compassion, tolerance, altruism, and fairness are universal.  A course in ethics will reinforce these concepts.

While the job market in the United States is daunting right now, the foreign market is always looking for BBA’s from the U.S. so fluency in a foreign language is highly desirable.  In the U.S. Spanish is the second most used language—more than 45 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish as their first or second language.  So the ability to read, write, and speak Spanish effortlessly is a big selling point in the job market—particularly in the Border States.   Taking courses in a foreign language will pay dividends in your job search.

We live in the age of technology and business graduates must be proficient in software programs such as Microsoft Word, excel, power point, publisher, as well as social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  You must also know how to use all of the technological gadgets-cell phones, tablets, computers, active boards to name a few. The computer skills of today’s graduates are probably one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal of marketable job skills because veteran businessmen who are competing for the same jobs will probably not have the same proficiency in technology.  So classes in computer science will increase your value in the workplace and pay off exponentially in your earning capability.  Studies show that 56% of computer science grads have job offers prior to graduation versus 41% overall.

When you’re competing for jobs with men with 10 to 20 years of experience it’s not enough just to graduate with your BBA.  Employers are also looking at your GPA because the more you can prove your knowledge and skills, the more employers want to hire you.  Taking courses in ethics, computer science, a foreign language and achieving a high GPA will help you find a job quickly which in turn will help you achieve a return on the investment in your tuition in 3 to 5 years.

Flexibility and industriousness will make you the kind of employee employers want to hire.  Work hard, dream big, and keep your options open.

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