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Go The Extra Mile

Submitted by Kylie in November 2012

The best advice I can give to a business student would be to go the extra mile. That can be done in many cases. For instance, the business student has production meeting and they could just give the normal here is where we are and here is where we want to go. Or the student could do a power point presentation and give it some excitement so the other students would not be bored. They would need to speech well too. They cannot give their presentation in a monotone voice because they will put their peers to sleep. They have to be excited about the presentation.

Maybe the business student works in a hotel? They can go the extra mile by supplying their guests with extra towel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and ext.  They can make their guests stay very nice if they use their manners too. They can also be great hostess and/or have a good attitude when speaking with their guests too. Basically they can do the little things, which some hotels do not think of, to go the extra mile

Let’s say that the business student has their own flower business. They have an order to fill and they now it is the couples 10th wedding anniversary and they though in a box of chocolate for free. That will stick the customers mind and they will know that the owner is a very generous person. Maybe they treat their employees very well, give them surprise bonuses, and give them good insurance. Both of those cases are two ways to go the extra mile.

Going the extra mile is the best advice I would give to a business student and to anyone else who is doing something nice for someone else. I think if more people went the extra mile for people we would be a much happier country. Going the extra mile…it’s a good thing.

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