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Enjoy Life

Submitted by Mark in November 2012


The greatest piece of advice I could share with a fellow business student, is to try and enjoy their time in class, instead of seeing it as a burden. It is easy to get into the mind set of “this is just a means to an end,” and simply make your way through school quickly to try and get the job you’ve always wanted. However, I would advise against this completely, instead get involved in the school, join a club or intend some meetings. They may sound boring at first, but from experience I’ve found that being a part of the school in some way shape or form has helped me in many aspects of my life, not only with study habits, but my social life as well. Being involved with the school, and the students, has had a direct increase on my happiness as well as my GPA. Study groups is another really nice perk of being involved with the school, it is much easier to learn in a friendly, social environment, study groups are also a must to help enjoy your study time. Also if you are struggling, don’t be afraid to get a tutor, I have been tutoring students when they need the help, but it seems like many students that may need the help don’t ask me. This is a mistake, tutors can be a very valuable, the one on one support has made noticeable changes for many of the students I have helped. If you can enjoy your time in school, you will learn more, and retain the knowledge for years to come.

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