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Don’t Follow Everyone’s Advice

Submitted by Kriti.


The most important advice that I want to give to any student is that “Don’t follow everyone’s advice.” It is just because everyone has a different-different view, opinion, thought & problem. Everyone posses different-different attitude, strength, weakness etc. Hence we can’t say that if they are able to tackle some problem in some way then we can also tackle the problem only after following that way.

But, this doesn’t mean that we should not follow anyone’s advice.This lines simply says we should follow only those who has some worthwhile advises to us. We should not follow this advice like a order but follow it as a guidelines.

Some advices which are worthwhile for every student that we always hear through many people (our teacher, parent friends etc.) are be positive, think big, never limit yourself, be initiative, take risk etc. are some advices that should follow to a business student.

A business student finally want to be a good businessman or a good manager. For becoming a good businessmen a student should ready to  face challenges. But this doesn’t mean they should not plan.It is an old saying  that ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

After all of this I want to advice “listen everyone but follow only that what your heart says.”

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