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Advice for Future Business Student by Daniel

Submitted by Daniel in November 2012


Are you contemplating business school?  Or maybe you’ve already made your decision, well here is some advice.  Do your homework.  Of course this phrase applies to the importance of doing the assignments required in our classes, but I am suggesting you begin your homework before you have even registered.  There are some subjects which do not give professors the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to teach, such as history.  The information is what it is and not much can be added.  This is not the case with many others and business is certainly one of them.

For you to become a business student or be interested in being one you must have a goal in mind that you would like this education to help you achieve.  College is much more than simply activities to fill your spare time or a method of wasting some time before you have to grow up, it is an investment.  By attending business classes you are hiring the professors to teach you the information and give you something that is worth the price.  After all, anyone can purchase the text books of your classes and get the same knowledge as you, but the professor is there to enhance that information and alter the learning experience.

Unfortunately not all professors are created equal.  As with all industries, some employees are better at their job than others.  This is often not the case in grade school education as most teachers want to be good instructors and learn how to do so in their colleges and all of these teachers are required to be qualified through examinations.  These criteria are that the same for college instructors, however.  This is where your diligence will pay off.

Whether you are considering a private business school or attending a large public institution with a great reputation, your time will be spent with individual instructors.  This is why it is well worth your time and effort to talk with former and current students about the value of the instructors at your institution.  Take the time to discover which professors are there to gain access to the schools resources and instruct because it is a requirement and which professors are able to explain the information in a manner which is more relevant to real world applications.

Attending business school is a big decision and an expensive one as well.  If you are going to spend your time and money employing the professors of your institution, it only makes good sense to ensure that you will receive a desirable return on your investment.  By doing your homework and researching the quality of the professors you are taking the first steps in guaranteeing your success in your studies and in your career.

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