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Destiny by Raghu

Submitted by Raghu in November 2012


Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice;

It is not a thing to be waited, it is a thing to be achieved.

The well-being of a nation entirely depends upon the quality of the youth it possesses. The youth of a nation serve as a Valuable-Standard Bearer having the qualities of leadership, feeling of devotion and patriotism. A young Indian should be, thus, a dynamic person of high principles.

India is a land of varied cultures. It has produced many great men who had worked whole-heartedly for the nation. Different great men displayed their commendable accomplishments in the fields of science, arts, peace, humanities, socialism and like that. In this context, if we analyze ourselves, it is crystal clearly reflected that we are being drifted towards certain social evils like smoking, late-night partying, disrespecting our grandparents and like that.

Among these bad habits, the most common and the most devastating one, in accordance to my view, is drug addiction. Drug addiction is equivalent to suicide. It is not only the wastage of money and harming our health but also tarnishing our image in the society. Drug addiction has become a parasite and until it is getting a good number of hosts, it will surely prevail in our society.

My dear friends, it is pretty observable that smoking youth feel some of modernized while holding a cigarette in their lips. In spite of the fact that, every cigarette packet reflects a statuary warning i.e. ‘cigarette smoking is injurious to health’ but do u think that it really makes a difference. We see drug abuse has become very common in our society. On checking the figures revealed by the census, we can see how the number of smokers in our nation has exponentially increased particularly youth.

My dear fellow students we ought to realize the gravity of this issue and stop smoking and tend to de-addict ourselves as well as our friends who are being harmed by drug addiction. I must not forget to mention the fact that Govt. is also very keen in eradicating this evil for there are drug de-addiction centers located almost everywhere. I know it is as much difficult to de-addict, as much it is easy to get addicted. But if we have enthusiasm and determination nothing is impossible.

So, my dear friends lets ignite a spark in our hearts and take a pledge to eradicate this devastating evil called as drug addiction from all parts of our society. It will be apt to say that those who don’t smoke are also part of it because it is a scientific fact that passive smokers are harmed more than active smokers. My dear friends lets wake up and aware people about the worse effects of smoking and other addictions to make our nation more prosperous, developed and pollution free.

Hope all of you will act upon my advice and work in a team to help eradicating this social evil. Last but not least, I conclude my essay with an anonymous saying which goes as;

Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it.

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