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Soak Yourself Up Into Business

Submitted by Darya in November 2012


As a business student, you must have decided that this career was right for you in the first place. You decided that you are willing to dedicate time, energy, and passion to be successful and make profits. You must make sure that the tasks incurred are something you can handle. As a business manager, for instance, you will have to face unhappy employees at one time or another, and there’s no avoiding that. You will have to fire incompetent workers, you will have to work under pressure, and you may have to spend lots of time in an office in front of a computer screen. In addition, business is money, so be ready for numerous hours of counting dollar signs and adding up sums. If you find yourself dozing off anytime someone mentions the word ‘business’ or ‘advertising’, then you may want to reconsider this major. A business career is challenging and can be stressful, so make sure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. If you love challenges and want to constantly have new things to work on, if your spirit of entrepreneurship sweeps forth a large audience of eager listeners, and if you are willing to dream beyond your wildest imagination, then business can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. If you’re a risk taker who’s willing to input investments and wait patiently for them to make a profit, then your aspirations may be closer than a hand’s reach away.

You are a business student and perhaps you don’t feel the need yet to delve yourself fully into the core of business- there will be time for that when you actually start working with it. Isn’t it a smart idea though to build up skills to be ready to face the real world of business? Inscribe the name “business man” or “business woman” on your forehead, have it soaked through your characteristics and actions, just as water is soaked and absorbed completely by a sponge. Step into business with a businesslike mentality. Business people are quick people- ready to snatch up the best opportunities they see. Why? Because they know that good opportunities do not last long, and are worth chasing after. If you are very hesitant in action, just improve your focus and thinking abilities with determination and perhaps certain exercises. You will need talented characteristics when you are offered a deal from a company, and need to negotiate that sweeping offer that will enable your company to prosper. Learn the art of persuasion, and strong communication skills, which can make conversations and arguments reverse into your favor faster than you can say the word ‘money’. Getting involved is the key to these- becoming a bold outspoken leader at a young age in an organization will improve weak spots.

Get an edge in your career, against millions of other competitors who have a lot to offer too. You don’t want to be just that runner in the race who is content with running alongside the others; instead, you want to be ahead, and get an early start as an advantage to your finishing point. Enroll yourself in internships, because that little extra on your resume can be the making or breaking point during a decision a hiring company makes. Hands on training experiences not only make you stand out, but they enrich you with exactly the type of work you are getting yourself into. Take courses that are not even specifically business related, such as international relations, media, or politics, because they can be an avenue to a specific career path that you want. For example, a business man I met, who had a focus on international business, dealt with figuring out the best ways to sell products to different nations. He was stationed in America, but often traveled to many different countries to perform his work there. There are so many options and roads available with the broad term of business, and you can already get ahead in your career just by taking courses of a certain topic that you may later work in. It will only build your resume!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless in business, and if you really put yourself ‘out there’, if only you really try, then there is no way you will not be successful. That excitement that you feel from learning different aspects of business and economics, that passionate desire you have to bring revenue back to collapsing companies, and the determination to leave a profound impact anywhere your feet pass through, are all signs that you will love your business career. Finishing your degree in a business major is one giant important stepping stone to get you across the river to the shore of your career. Therefore, use your time wisely, develop your character traits, make yourself stand out as much as possible, and there is nothing that you will fear. Success is coming your way. Take a whiff in the air and you will smell its inviting scents not too far away. Enjoy as much as possible the work you complete as a business student, so you don’t have to wait for success. Success is there when you are happy with the present moment.

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